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Demons.exe Info Post | FAQ 1.0

So what's Demons.exe?
It's a modern high fantasy RP created by [ profile] zumidotexe (hence the ".exe" at the end of it, to differentiate from a different Demon AU that'd been going on at the same time). It's set in a world similar to our own, but with one major key difference: magic. It's been a driving force of life from the start, and among other things has created "demons", or what humanity once called sentient non-human beings to try and, well, demonize them. One of the major themes in Demons is demonkind attempting to get acceptance in today's world.

For more detailed information, check the Setting page.

Is it a game?
Yes and no? There's no apps and no AC. You could call it a themed musebox with a plot, or an open PSL. Feel free to throw in as many characters as you want, test voices here, all that good stuff with absolutely no pressure! Just one note: characters with pre-existing history (be they canon or from an app game) must be AU'd into the setting.

...Sort of.

Sort of?
You CAN jamjar characters here if you want. Most choose to rewrite their character's history, but there is an option to pull someone from their own universe with all your standard jamjar rules. The story behind that is magic did it.

Alright. So, what're my options for characters?
Pretty much anything you want! This is a "magic makes myths real" sort of world, so if you'd like to go with anything from mythology, you can. If you wanna go with an ordinary human, you can. If you want to take a myth and rework it to make it your own (which we have plenty of examples of, believe me), you can. It's an open book, and the pen's in your hand!

Here's a few basic character types to get you started:

Human- We all know this. Your everyday hairless ape.

Magical human- Yes, this is different from above. EVERYONE has a small dose of magic in them, it's just how the world works, but not everyone can use it. These guys can. They're human but with access to special powers that can range anywhere from corner psychic to superhero. It's up to you.

Demon- If your character's ANYTHING other than a human (or is human but is sufficiently magical, at least to some circles) then they're classified as a demon, as well as whatever additional "species name" they carry (incubus, mermaid, werewolf, etcetc). Demons can be anything from anthropomorphic animals to stereotypical demons (like the aforementioned incubi), and everything in between.

Hybrid- Half human half demon, half one demon and half another, these are the blended characters. Those that are part incubus or succubus could be said as most common (for obvious reasons), but there are others.

Elemental- A special class of demon, these are exactly what they sound like. Immortal (to a point) creatures created from an element. For more information on elementals and their "point of enlightenment" form the dragons, see this post.

Robot- AI in Demons is quite advanced, to the point of ridiculously human robots being a thing. They're not common, but they are present. No one creator is set up for this, so they can be from wherever or whomever.

There'll be a more detailed character type post in the future.

I wanna be a demon! Anything I should note?
All demons, regardless of type or pureblood level, have the ability to transform. An additional human form is most common, but other demons can grow wings, change size, regenerate lost health (or body parts), or grow other body extremities. Demon blood is aggressive and dominant thanks to the stronger magic within them (as demons are direct results of magical evolution), so anyone with any demon blood up to four or five generations back is considered a demon.

The word itself is seen as a slur by some, considering the evil connotations it carries. But overall demonkind has taken the word and used it for one of power and identification instead, to help associate it with something better, something that exists rather than be evil. Be prepared to face opposition from humans that don't share this view.

Demons on the whole tend to live longer than humans, by years, decades, or even centuries for some. And just like humans, even though they were born from the magic not all demons have to HAVE magic. Some are pretty much your ordinary day-to-day joe, short of the aforementioned transform ability, which is less magic and more evolved trait.

So what's the world look like right now?
It's basically your general slice-of-life thing, with some heavier plot under the surface (which is completely optional to take part in). Demons is centered in a big city called Birchpointe; think New York meets Chicago, plus an enormous park in the middle and mountains off to one side.

There's been some trouble lately from a resistance group called the Steel Thorn, extreme terrorists fighting for the rights of demonkind. They have some opposition from the Order of Albion, terrorists in their own right that fight for humans instead.

Then there's the fact that the monsters of the world, the Chaotics, have been increasing in number and occasionally even breaking into Birchpointe, but surely that has nothing to do with anything.

I want to AU a canon character into this setting. What should I know?
Basically, just be sure you take the above into consideration. Were they a sentient wolf in their native setting? Then here they'd be a demon. Pony? You can keep them as a horse or give them a human shape and history to match. Superpowered human? Likely magical, but they could always be a demon too.

Just one thing of note for this category: Any dragons (such as HTTYD, an OC, or anything else of the sort) won't actually be dragons, technically, UNLESS they're an elemental. Their species can be called as such because they resemble dragons (as it is in our world) but the only ones that actually ARE dragons are ancient elementals.

...I'll get back to you on that. For now, consider it roughly analogous to our world.

If you want to play a god character however, then feel free to keep them pretty much as-is. They just won't... be the god, with very few exceptions. You can still keep the same basic power level by making them an elemental, however.

I want to play an OC!
Great! We've got a LOT of them.

...but I don't have a way to get icons.
That's okay! There's several options to take advantage of:
-You can use a single PB or reference image for a representative image and not worry about multiple icons. These can even be loaded in bulk on a sockpuppet-type account; see here for an example.
-You can commission one of the other players on the OOC comm ([community profile] aworldofooc), to either draw something or icon a source for you.
-You can use a PB with multiple expressions to just represent who your character is rather than what they look like. See here for an example with two characters of this type.

Can I play from the Steel Thorn or the Order of Albion? What about any other groups?
Absolutely! If you'd like to try your hand in a group, feel free to talk to some of the other players on Plurk or on the OOC comm and hash something out. We've got a few PCs in both these groups, as well as others such as the Nameless Sentinels (professional Chaotic hunters). And of course, if you want to make your own, you're more than welcome to.

What's the current plot?
Attempting to deal with the warring factions, as well as the increase of the Chaotic menace. A post detailing the story thus far will be forthcoming.

Your character is in no way, shape, or form required to take place in this plot, nor will this be the only one that happens in Demons. The RP will continue after this story's finished, which should be within the next year.

Can I run my own plot?
Yes, you can! They can be something wider or something more character-specific, but as this RP deals with an entire world at its base, of course there's more than one story to tell.

I still have more questions!
I've got answers! Feel free to comment here or message me on plurk ([ profile] zumidotexe) and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Last updated 8/31/2015