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Demons.exe Info Post | Setting

At the beginning of the world, there was magic. It started out as a natural force, a swelling energy that touched everything and could be found in the hearts of all life. It persisted through evolution, splitting as the pathways did, animals going one way and humans going theirs. In beings that had stronger presences of magic, the magic turned them into fantastical creatures with the powers of the world, as varied as their appearances. This happened to humans as well, who as their intelligence grew termed everyone different "spirit", "fae"...


And as humans developed, the magic in them started to die, to turn into the lowest of simmers far below the surface. They forgot their way and started to persecute demons and other magical creatures, whether they evolved from animals or humans themselves, calling them different and abominations to the world despite the magic being everything. Their fear was partly founded, given the presence of "Chaotics": what happens when the magic in a soul grows too strong and drives the being into evil madness it can't recover from. It warps their mind and their body, turning them into a shell of their former selves, and deep down other demons fear them, not because of their strength but because they too have that potential to become wild. Humans declared all supernatural creatures to be abhorrent, hunting them down and driving them out.

So the demons and spirits went into hiding for a time, in ancient history. They used their magic to create parts of the world all for themselves, and some learned the power of glamour so they could hide right along with the people themselves. As humans continued to grow demons became something more of myth and legend, applying the created names to religion, fairy tales and, as technology grew, stories of entertainment.

But as recently as a few centuries ago, all this changed. Some grand event, whose details have been lost to antiquity, forced all the demons, spirits, and other magic-based beings out into the open. This was a great blow to humanity (and their opinion of themselves), but there wasn't much that could be done about it. Demons were around now and all they wanted was to make a life for themselves, and it was up to the rest of the world to deal with it on their own.

Now in modern times this has, more or less, come to pass. Demons are as widespread across the world as any human, though they fight constant persecution in many circles, some humans (and their organizations) unwilling or unable to release the old prejudices. Your average demon is going to have a pretty straightforward life though, doing their own thing just like any human, magical or otherwise.

Not everything is slice of life, though. Chaotics have become more widespread than ever before in recent memory, and nobody knows why. Entire small towns have been razed to the ground, and back roads and pathways have become very dangerous indeed. A strong warrior culture is rising to take care of this, bolstered by the help of more ancient sects such as the Nameless Sentinels, in order to keep the world safe. Yet still the Chaotic numbers increase, including reports of some being spotted acting... strangely.

It remains to be seen what happens now, and whether it will be for good... or evil.